Wednesday, 4 June 2008

In DC at the moment, but will be heading to London till at least June 22nd, so no update for at least three more weeks. Ride on... send me pictures from the park.

Washington DC

Sunday, 1 June 2008


She's only gotten a road bike a year, to do the NYC Triathlon, now she's addicted to cycling, she's friendly and nice, and I am glad I met her, while we dodging people and horse shit. Hope to see you again in the park, and hope your foot injury is gone the next time I see you.

Dr. Francois... My French connection,

he was kicking my ass on the way back to the city, luckily he slowed down to talk to me. He's going back to Paris in three weeks, hope to see him again, pretty cool dude.


Saw him in Nyack today, he thought of racing again, but then came to his senses, lucky for the field.


Joe Loria

Wish him luck on the 22nd of June, hope to qualify for Kona in Idaho. He was moving.

Max, the composer.

always glad to see him on the bike.

Lunch with Charito

She thinks she's taking a picture of Jackie Chan, but it's only me.

The Photographer and the Writer.

Rene, the Photographer>
JP Partland, the writer.