Friday, 29 August 2008

Dennis and Rene...

Comparing bikes

Marcia on Skates.


He completed the SF to LA Aids ride earlier this year, 545 miles. He's a Tough Guy. Hats off to him.

Nice day for a bike ride

Fuure champions.

Genarro and Margot.

Margot riding with the famous Genarro, yep! he's the proud owner of the Genarro Restaurant on the upper West Side. Check out the reviews, it's all goood.

Beautiful day in the pak

Look at all these happy people.

Billy or Bobby, not sure

but she's the happiest person in the park, always smiling.

Doug is the man!


Training for his race this weekend.

Gary is happy to be ridig too.

Gus, happy to be riding

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

John and Matt, two good guys.

John and Matt, getting warm up for their ride from Pentagon to Ground Zero. Wish them the best of luck! and have a great ride.

Don't let John's size fool you, this dude is fast!!!

Nice day to be riding.

Clio and his buddy

Alex and York

Happy Cyclist, Richie

Deniro and Pacino, watch out

Bear is going to be the star of the Rightous Kills, starting debuting September 12th.  His co stars are going to be Robert Deniro and Al Pacino.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Running really fast.
English, Charlie and Christina.  Good to see Christina moving around with minimal pain.  She's recovering quite nicely.
The dog walker on a Holiday.

The messenger on a break.


Glad to see her in the Park again, it's been at least two years. Welcome Back to New York!

Kerri, the Iron woman.

She was finishing her ride and going for a run!!

Chip, the Ironman.

Dork in the park.

Thanks Chip for the picture.



Marie, the Golden Smile.

She's going to bring back the gold for Central Park in the World Championship

Muggy, leader of the pack.